Lego Cookies + Packaging Tips

I had a new, local customer reach out to me last week in need of some Lego themed cookies for her son’s 7th birthday.  She sent me a couple of examples she found online, and can I just say… I think they turned out adorable!  We decided to go with two of the characters from the Lego Movie, some simple plaques with her son’s name and age on them, and of course, some Lego bricks.

While filming, I decided to also break down how I like to package my cookies.  I think that packaging and presentation are an important part of a handmade business, so I hope you find the tips helpful!  Below the video, I have a list of the supplies I used for these cookies, plus links to some of the packaging and other equipment I buy.

Icing Colors and Consistencies
  • Red (Super Red) | Piping and Flood
  • Blue (Sky Blue with a touch of Royal Blue) | Piping and Flood
  • Green (Leaf Green) | Piping and Flood
  • Yellow (Four parts Lemon Yellow, one part Egg Yellow) | Piping and Flood
  • Black (Super Black) | Piping and Flood
  • White (no color added) | 20 Second
  • Brown (Chocolate Brown) | 20 Second
  • Fuschia (Deep Pink with a touch of Violet) | Flood

* All food colors are Americolor Gel Food Coloring

Other Decorating Supplies
Packaging Supplies

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