Making & Cutting Watermelon Soap

What is better on a hot summer afternoon than a big bowl of fresh watermelon?  Okay, maybe ice cream.  But watermelon comes in a close second for me!  I eat a bowl of the stuff nearly every day with my breakfast, and a couple Sunday morning’s back, I was reminded that I had a bottle of watermelon fragrance oil sitting in my craft room.

Now let me just say up front that I won’t be buying this particular FO again.  This is the third fragrance I’ve tried from Essential Depot.  I’ve been pleased as punch with the first two, but this watermelon one is not a winner.  Straight out of the bottle, it just smells straight up chemical-y.  That harsh smell did “burn” off through the saponification process, but the fragrance left behind is disappointingly mild.  I’ll definitely be making this soap again in the future, but next time, I plan to try the Watermelon Mania FO from Wholesale Supplies Plus.

As for the soap design — yep, watermelon has been done every which way to Sunday by loads of soapmakers.  But it’s such a cute concept, and it gave me another opportunity to use my nice vertical mold from Bramble Berry.

For the rind side of the bar, I used two different colors of green.  I did a slight in-the-pot-swirl before pouring down one column, much like I did with the sky side of my last soap, Sun & Sand.  For the melon side, I used a beautiful bright pink mica and added poppy seeds to mimic the watermelon seeds.  The finished bar turned out beautifully!

Thanks for watching, and as always, if you have questions about this soap or have ideas for future projects, let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear from you!

CP Soap Recipe

40% Coconut Oil
40% Rice Bran Oil
10% Palm Oil
7% Shea Butter
3% Castor Oil

Scents and Swirls

Watermelon Fragrance Oil
Lily Pad Green Mica
Lime Green Mojito Mica
Pink Watermelon Infusion Mica

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