Cocoa Popz Bath Fizzies

Now that I finally have a big, luxurious bathtub to soak in, I’ve been wanting to delve into luxurious bath products to pamper myself with.  The first product I wanted to try?  Bath fizzies and bombs, of course!  And the first recipe I’m trying comes from Handmade Magazine, a publication from Wholesale Supplies Plus.   The magazine is available in print form, but you can get it digitally from WSP’s website.

Today I’m making Cocoa Popz Fizzies using a relatively new product from WSP.  Cocoa Popz actually pop when added to your bath water, much like Pop Rocks candy does in your mouth!  But the bonus?  They’re coated in real cocoa butter, so they add a wonderful fragrance and nourishing goodness for your skin.

I did have to make a modification to the recipe because WSP was out of stock on one particular ingredient, Shea 50.  I substituted glycerine, but I do have a major caveat to note!  My final bath fizzies turned out much softer than I was expecting.  They still worked in the bath as expected, but they never fully hardened.  I believe this was due to how much glycerine I needed to add to get the recipe to hold together.  I live in a very dry climate, so I had to add much more than I anticipated.  In hindsight, I should have used witch hazel for the bulk of that moisture.  In the future, I’d still add a bit of glycerine in place of the Shea 50, but I’d spritz in witch hazel to get my mixture to that damp sand consistency.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ve reprinted the ingredients below with my modifications and suggestions.  For the original recipe, you can see Handmade Magazine, Vol. 67 (March 2018), pg. 50.


8.8 oz. baking soda
4.4 oz. citric acid
1.25 oz. epsom salt
.7 oz. Cocoa Popz
.5 oz. white kaolin clay
.25 oz Chocolate Lavender FO
.15 oz. cocoa powder
.15 oz. glycerine
Witch Hazel (spritz into your mixture just until it holds together enough to form balls)

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