Making Bunny Birthday Cupcakes

At the beginning of the month, I had an order for my side business, Smart Cookie Sweets, for a dozen chocolate cupcakes with custom cupcake toppers.  The woman who ordered them is actually a friend I met through my sister-in-law.  Her daughter, Sophia, turned one-year-old on October 1st, and although they weren’t holding a big party, she wanted a special treat to commemorate the occasion.  She sent me a photo of her Sophia’s favorite toy, a pink and yellow bunny, for inspiration.

Bunny Toy

I instantly fell in love with the one floppy ear and its kind of retro feel, and I knew I wanted to recreate him as a 3D figurine for one of the toppers.

For a dozen toppers, I usually try to do three or four different designs.  For this set I did three:  The letter ‘S’ for Sophia’s name; the number ‘1’ for her birthday; and some bunny tails with feet stick out from under them (sort of like a bunny sticking his bum up in the air).  I replaced one of the bunny tail toppers with the 3D figurine of her toy.

I was really happy with how these turned out!  I just think that little bunny is adorable, and the flat bunny tail toppers were a perfect compliment.  There’s probably only one thing I’d do different in the future.  I’d use a toothpick to better attach the bunny’s head to his body.

Some of the supplies mentioned in the video:

If you’d like any other information that I didn’t cover in the video, let me know if the comments below!

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