Dirty Cup Acrylic Pour

In my last video, I showed you my very first attempt at an acrylic pour painting.  I was so excited with how that painting turned out, mess ups and all, that I made another one that very same night using the dirty cup method.  I learned SO much just from that first attempt that my second painting turned out absolutely amazing!

For this painting, I chose to pour my dirty cup directly on the canvas rather than trying a flip cup again.  Until I get a good, stable board suitable as a base, I figure it’s probably safest (at least for the sake of my furniture and floors) to pour instead of flip.  I used a mixture of turquoise, aqua, yellow, orange and bronze.  I’ve linked the paint brands and colors down below.

I also used a significantly smaller canvas, which I highly recommend for your first several paintings.  This one is 12″x12″.  It was much easier to gauge how much paint I would need and to manipulate the paint where I wanted it to go after pouring.

I hope you’ll give this style of painting a try!  With the exception of mixing up too little paint like I did in my first attempt, it’s pretty much impossible to mess this kind of art up.  While you do have some control over the overall composition of your painting — by choosing a dirty cup pour, flip cup, puddle pour (which I’ll cover in a future video), etc. — for much of it, you are at the mercy of your mixtures.  It’s very freeing to create art without imposing the need for perfection on yourself.

Materials used for this painting:

Liquitex Basics Titanium White
Liquitex Basics Bright Aqua Green
Liquitex Basics Yellow Oxide
Liquitex Basics Cadmium Orange Hue
Artminds Metallic Bronze
Artminds Brushed Metallics Turquoise
Golden Gloss Medium
3-in-1 Silicone Drip Oil
Distilled Water
Culinary Torch
12″ x 12″ Primed Canvas
Plastic Cups and Popsicle Sticks for mixing

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