My First Dot Mandala

Last year, I stumbled upon several YouTube videos of dot mandala painting.  Let’s just say I was mesmerized!  The process was incredibly relaxing to watch, and I knew it would be just as relaxing to create.  I had recently started working with poured acrylic paintings, so I already had a stockpile of paints and canvas.  I only needed a few more supplies to get started.

There were several YouTube artists that inspired me to try this style of painting.  First and foremost is Kristin Uhrig.  Her tutorials are incredibly thorough, she includes supplies, and she paints dot mandalas on a variety of surfaces including canvas, rocks and even graduation caps!  Kristin’s soothing videos are the primary reason I wanted to try this beautiful craft.  Other great channels I’ve started following include Art by Berni, Marks Mandalas, and Traveling Kindness Rocks.

I’ve made a few more dot mandala paintings since creating this first one, and it’s almost meditative.  I’ve actually got another video coming soon on larger piece in a similar color scheme.  So put on some relaxing music, pour yourself a glass of wine, let the creativity flow!

28-piece punch transfer set – The flat base of these punches are perfect for creating larger, uniform dots
Clay and modeling ball tools – These ball tools are perfect for the “walking-the-dots” technique
White charcoal pencil – To draw guidelines that can be easily erased with a q-tip and water
Geometry compass
Canvas or canvas board
Acrylic paint
Pouring medium or water – To thin paint

Colors Used:
Artist’s Loft Flow Acrylic White
DecoArt Americana Sea Breeze
DecoArt Americana Teal Mint
DecoArt Americana Peacock Teal
DecoArt Americana Coral Blush
ArtMinds Metallic Copper

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