Campfire S’mores Soap

It’s time for my third installment of recipes from Handmade Magazine! This one is a perfect product for fall or winter — Campfire S’mores cold process soap! If you’d like to follow along, this recipe can be found in the September 2017 issue, page 36.

Y’all, this soap is nothing if not decadent. The base soap is scented with rich chocolate, marshmallow and graham – the classic s’mores combination. But it’s taken to the next level with melt and pour embeds with a hint of smokey, woodsy fragrance.

I did make a few minor adjustments to my version. I substituted olive oil for olive oil pomace since I already had it on hand. Similarly, I used colorants already on hand since I was able to mimic the colors of fall leaves. For the fragrances, Wholesale Supplies Plus was out of stock of Autumn Breeze. I did a little research on similar fragrance notes, and instead chose to use Sandalwood Patchouli for the embeds. The combination works perfectly!

I really am a sucker for soaps and bath products that smell like candy and baked goods, and this s’mores soap really lives up to the expectation. It makes me want to just start the autumn season all over again!


11.2 oz. Olive Oil
7.9 oz. Distilled Water
7.5 oz. Clear Melt & Pour Soap
7 oz. Coconut Oil
7 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
3.95 oz. Sodium Hydroxide
2.8 oz. Cocoa Butter

Scents & Swirls

1.75 oz. Campfire S’mores Fragrance Oil
5 ml. Sandalwood Patchouli Fragrance Oil
Crimson Red Wine Mica
Gingerbread Brown Mica
Martini Olive Green Mica
Siesta Sunset Orange Mica
Golden Pineapple Yellow Mica

Special Equipment

Tall and Skinny Silicone Loaf Mold
Oak Leaf Mini Column Mold

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